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Help Create Miracles of Sight

Dear Friend,
Season’s greetings and best wishes from Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley!
Imagine if you, or a member of your family, suddenly face a diagnosis that means a corneal transplant is the only answer to stop blindness.
It is when the tiniest member of our community, a baby, needs a corneal transplant that the story is especially heartfelt. Here is an update on one remarkable infant.
Peyton Barkalow reached a milestone recently when he started his first day of kindergarten—just like any other five-year-old. But Peyton’s birth was unlike most—his eyes were clouded. At one-day-old, physicians diagnosed the cloudiness as bilateral Peters’ anomaly. Peyton was legally blind. Peyton’s extraordinary journey leading to his first day of school was marked by four corneal transplants, hospital stays, hours of rehab, therapists and doctor visits.
“For me, it is bittersweet,” says Tracey, Peyton’s mother, as she proudly watched him board the bus.
Thankfully, for now, that’s all history for Peyton, who is one of Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley’s (LEBDV) youngest volunteers. His future is bright.
For almost 60 years, LEBDV has helped patients of all ages regain their sight. More than 40,000 cornea transplant surgeries have been coordinated by LEBDV.
There is no substitute for a human cornea. Without cornea donors, corneal transplants would not be possible. That is why cornea donors who say ‘yes’ to donation on their driver’s license (or share their wishes with family) are the true heroes.
Financial donors are also vital to our mission. They give us the operational ability to carry out the wishes of cornea donors or their families. If you haven’t, I urge you to become a beacon of light for sight. Your gift as a financial donor means opportunity for Peyton and others. We all deserve the best sight possible. Your donation today means someone will get a second chance at sight tomorrow. It allows us to continue our mission work. Your contribution means individuals who receive a corneal transplant will not lose years of productivity for themselves and family caregivers.
With financial donations—and no donation is too small—we can continually meet the needs of your community, family, friends and neighbors who may need a corneal transplant. Your donation will ensure the Gift of Sight through corneal transplantation remains a reality for generations to come.
Jim Quirk

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For Lions

The Lions’ Share of Our Success

The “Lions” in Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley are the dedicated members of local chapters of Lions Clubs International, the esteemed and longstanding service organization through which more than 1.35 million men and women worldwide volunteer their time and talents to improve their communities. In our area, more than 440 Lions Clubs include the Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley among the organizations they support. They represent more than 10,000 members, and they are a very large part of all of the Eye Bank’s success.

lionsLions support the Eye Bank in many ways. Members from 37 area clubs currently serve on our Board of Directors, and hundreds of local clubs conduct fundraisers for and make donations to the Eye Bank each year. There are several ways for clubs and members to aid the Eye Bank financially.

General Donations

Donations to the Eye Bank are accepted at any time from a club or individual. They may be restricted (to be applied to a specific service) or unrestricted (to be applied as needed.) The Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley is also a participating United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania agency. Please consider including us when you give to the United Way. Our agency code for the United Way is 5627.


Funds may be donated to the Lions Eye Bank in memory of deceased relatives, friends and club members. Family members of the deceased will be sent an acknowledgement of your gift.

Planned Giving

Naming the Lions Eye Bank as a beneficiary in your will or life insurance policy enables you to make a very important gift to the “Gift of Sight” program. Many others will continue to benefit from your philanthropy in the future.

Life Membership

A nontransferable Life Membership is granted to any individual who makes a $100 donation to the Eye Bank. Life Members receive a plastic embossed membership card, a lapel pin and bumper sticker. This can be a special way to honor outgoing club presidents or other club members.

All donations should be sent to:

Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley
401 N. 3rd Street
Suite 305
Philadelphia, PA 19123-4101

Please make checks payable to Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley and indicate what type of donation you are making on your check.


A number of members of our board and staff and many of our volunteers are always prepared and interested in making presentation on the Eye Bank’s behalf and would be more than happy to discuss with your club our services and what donations support.


All Lions Clubs are welcome at any time to tour the Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley laboratory and offices. You can have a dinner and presentation with your tour.

To arrange for a tour or speaker, call 1-800-743-6667.

In recognition of the generosity of Lions and their clubs, the Eye Bank each year presents a number of awards.

Sight Seeker

The highest award offered by the Eye Bank. It is a plaque given annually to a club or individual who has been an outstanding supporter of the Eye Bank.

District Sight Seeker

This certificate is presented to the District Governor and Eye Bank Chairman of all districts that have registered a 10% increase in donations during the Lion Year.

Club Sight Seeker

 This award is given to one club in each district that has given the highest contribution for the Lion Year.

Ambassador Award

This award is presented to clubs contributing $2,500 or more within the year.

Diamond Award

This is presented to all clubs who contribute from $1,000 to $2,499 to the Eye Bank within the year.

100% Participation Award

This is presented to all clubs that contributed $10 or more per member for the year.

All awards are announced at The Eye Bank’s Annual Meeting in June and are presented to the clubs by trustees representing their districts.

Member Information

You are now accessing the Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley's special member section where you will be able to view announcements, download minutes from committee meetings, and more.

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Access Committee Information by clicking on the links below:

Annual Reports



2010 Annual Report



2009 Annual Report


2007-2008 Annual Report



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Lions Club

Jan 1 374 M. Nash New Castle Hundred, 22-D
Jan 2 194 M. Carr Wilmington Gateway, 22-D
Jan 3 202 R. Moore West Milford, 16-N
Jan 4 246 M. Smith Newark, 16-N
Jan 5 233 J. Hiester Winslow Township, 16-L
Jan 6 1482 T. Henderson Haddonfield, 16-L 
Jan 7 423 L. & B. Lange North Plainfield, 16-J
Jan 8 421 L. Blasi  Metuchen, 16-J 
Jan 9 991 D. Austin Lord Baltimore, 22-D
Jan 10 1364 Jenkintown-Glenside Jenkintown-Glenside, 14-A 
Jan 11 1495 G. Henderson Haddonfield, 16-L
Jan 12 1346 Doylestown  Doylestown, 14-A
Jan 13 412 Elizabethport  Elizabethport, 16-J
Jan 14 1058 K. Pyle Rehobeth Beach, 22-D 
Jan 15 992 T. Roth Lord Baltimore, 22-D
Jan 16 1475 Green Lane-Marlboro  Green Lane-Marlboro, 14-A
Jan 17 375 P. Nash New Castle Hundred, 22-D 
Jan 18 1403 Adelphia Adelphia, 14-A
Jan 19 106 J. Davis Chalfont, 14-A
Jan 20 417 C. Swanson Hopewell Valley, 16-J
Jan 21 1456 E. Del Viscio Warrington, 14-A
Jan 22 1116 B. Spence  Wilmington Manor, 22-D
Jan 23 398 Linden  Linden, 16-J
Jan 24 215 M. Clark Newark, 16-N 
Jan 25 1231 K. Snyder Central Berks, 14-A
Jan 26 894 R. Price Paoli-Riverton-Cinnaminson, 16-L
Jan 27 407 M. Quinn Cranbury, 16-J
Jan 28 611 L. Mandon West Milford, 16-N 
Jan 29 304 F. Czapkowski South River, 16-J 
Jan 30 04   J. Miller Exeter Township, 14-P 
Jan 31  1115   E. Reed Wilmington Manor, 22-D 
Feb 1  1305   E. Fritch Topton, 14-P 
Feb 2  229   C. Daniels Talleyville-Naamans, 22-D 
Feb 3  1354   G. DeJesus Harleysville, 14-A 
Feb 4  406   D. Koehler Cranbury. 16-J 
Feb 5  947   Winslow Township  Winslow Township, 16-L
Feb 6   216  E. Fountain  Newark, 16-N
Feb 7  765  J. Carver  Upper Perkiomen Valley, 14-A 
Feb 8  568  J. Romano   Midland Park, 16-N
Feb 9  159  B. Hinkle  Paoli-Berwyn-Malvern, 14-P 
Feb 10 220

M. O'Brien

Newark, 16-N
Feb 11 1230 L. Andre Exeter Township, 14-P
Feb 12 1208 L. Cunningham Wills Eye Hospital, 14-A
Feb 13 383 W. Hansen Haddonfield, 16-L
Feb 14 382 J. Minnich Wilmington Gateway, 22-D
Feb 15 420 L. Blasi Metuchen, 16-J
Feb 16 247 D. Owen Newark, 16-N
Feb 17 567 Midland Park Lions Midland Park, 16-N
Feb 18 967 K&M Castell Capitol City, 22-D
Feb 19 303 T. Toto South River, 16-J
Feb 20 788 D. Haines Maple Shade, 16-L
Feb 21 1003 E. Reiver Pike Creek, 22-D
Feb 22 465 South Plainfield Lions South Plainfield, 16-J
Feb 23 1232 D. Jaeger Exeter Township, 14-P
Feb 24 896 R. Price Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton, 16-L
Feb 25 1500 B. Affrunti Dumont, 16-N
Feb 26 356 J. Ward New Castle Hundred, 22-D
Feb 27 567 Midland Park NJ Lions Midland Park NJ Lions
Feb 28 349 A&K Chisholm New Castle Hundred
Feb 29 281 A. Olizi Audubon
Mar 1 228 L. Lauria Talleyville-Naamans
Mar 2 992 T. Roth Lord Baltimore
Mar 3 363 S. Jones New Castle Hundred
Mar 4 1167 D. Priebe Avon Grove
Mar 5 215 M. Clark Newark
Mar 6 996 G. Curtis Milford, 22-D
Mar 7 141 D. Brink Haddonfield
Mar 8 785 D. Haines Maple Shade
Mar 9 1429 Royersford Lions Royersford
Mar 10 0009 D. Schlosser Shillington
Mar 11 1469 J. Geyer Audobon-Oaks
Mar 12 171 T. Miller Honey Brook
Mar 13 187 N. Landy Harrison
Mar 14 1206 R. Marina Coatesville
Mar 15 1318 Amity Township Lioness Amity Township
Mar 16 192 W. Carr Wilmington Gateway
Mar 17 287 G. Saccone N/A
Mar 18 1355 A. Koehler Harleysville
Mar 19 304 F. Czapkowski South River
Mar 20 61 J. Allen Freehold
Mar 21 160 R. Freeman Haddonfield, 16-L
Mar 22 228 L. Lauria Talleyville-Naamans
Mar 23 358 H. Blunt New Castle Hundred, 22-D
Mar 24 1478 Springfield Lioness Club Springfield
Mar 25 1482 T. Henderson Haddonfield, 16-L
Mar 26 1352 Green Lane-Marlboro Green Lane-Marlboro, 14-A
Mar 27 1282 J. Spinka Muhlenberg, 14-P
Mar 28 1415 G. Towson Lindley-Olney, 14-A
Mar 29 995 G. Wadkins-Berry Milford, 22-D
Mar 30 1011 E. MacDougall Brookside, 22-D
Mar 31 1208 L. Cunningham Wills Eye Hospital, 14-A
April 1 1349 Dublin  Dublin, 14-A
April 2 165 B. Wright New Castle Hundred, 22-D
April 3 1196 T. Marcheskie Boyertown, 14-P
April 4 244 M. Smith Newark, 16-N

April 5

412 Elizabeth Lions Club Elizabethport, 16-J
April 6 352 K. Chisholm New Castle Hundred, 22-D
April 7 912 Toms River Lions Club Toms River, 16-L
April 8 1195 N. Weller Boyertown, 14-P
April 9 1237 Fleetwood Lions Club Fleetwood, 14-P
April 10 23 B. Schlegel Pottstown-Stowe, 14-A
April 11 834 Marlton Lions Club Marlton, 16-L
April 12 1249 D. Meyers Kemton, 14-P
April 13 693 Brigantine Lions Club Brigantine, 16L
Aprl 14 40 B. Perez Board Member, 16-N
April 15 190 A. Ellison Harrison, 16-N
April 16 813 K. Welsh Stafford, 16-L
April 17 241 K. Abner Newark, 16-N
April 18 1172 J. Tarditi Haddonfield, 16-L
April 19 354 E.  Anderson New Castle Hundred, 22-D
April 20 1288 M. Dynes Wernersville, 14-P
April 21 766 C. Nester Upper Perkiomen Valley, 14-A
April 22 005 E. Miller Exeter Township, 14-P
April 23 171 T. Miller Honey Brook, 14-P
April 24 355 J. Chisholm New Castle Hundred, 22-D
April 25 340 D. Hiltebeitel Honey Brook, 14-P
April 26 1206 R. Marina Coatesville, 14-P
April 27 878 J. McBride Laurel Springs, 16-L
April 28 895 R. Price Palmyra-Riverton-Cinnaminson, 16-L
April 29 704 B. Goodstein Freehold, 16-L
April 30 212 S. Johnson Newark, 16-N
May 1 1115 E. Reed Wilmington Manor, 22-D
May 2 1495 G. Henderson Haddonfield, 16-L
May 3 968 M. Nace Captiol City, 22-D
May 4 978 T. Lu Glasgow, 22-D
May 5 434 P. Consineau Highstown-East Windsor, 16-J
May 6 224 A. Reiver Talleyville-Naamans, 22-D
May 7 338 G. Miller Honey Brook, 14-P
May 8 151 Hinkle "Daughters" Paoli-Berwyn-Malvern, 14-P
May 9 1346 Doylestown Lions Club Doylestown, 14-A
May 10 513 A. Longarini Dumont, 16-N
May 11 1054 G. Brinckmeyer Rehobeth Beach, 22-D
May 12 356 J. Ward New Castle Hundred, 22-D
May 13 1151 Dover Lioness Club Dover, 22-D
May 14 807 J. Kellington Point Pleasant, 16-L
May 15 147 B. Stokes Haddonfield, 16-L
May 16 1401 B. Newman Wills Eye Hospital, 14-A
May 17 179 W. Townsley Honey Brook, 14-P
May 18 118 R. Freeman Haddonfield, 16-L
May 19 965 W. Fairess Capitol City, 22-D
May 20 302 R. Szkodny South River, 16-J
May 21 707 G. Steinberg Freehold Twp., 16-L
May 22 465 South Plainsfield Lions South Plainsfield, 16-J
May 23 1320 Blandon Lioness Club Blandon, 14-P
May 24 989 P. Murray Lord Baltimore, 22-D
May 25 189 P. Gerris Harrison, 16-N
May 26 288 R. Pierce Irving Raber, MD
May 27 152 J. Truehaft Metuchen, 16-J
May 28 1403 Adelphia Lions Club Adelphia, 14-A
May 29 764 E. Treat Upper Perkiomen Valley, 14-A
May 30 213 E. Crandale Newark, 16-N
May 31 1205 M. Clement Haddonfield, 16-L
June 1 358 H. Blunt New Castle Hundred, 22-D
June 2 955 Westville Lions Club Westville, 16-L
June 3 1283 J. Johnson Muhlenberg, 14-P
June 4  1365  Jenkintown-Glenside Lions Club Jenkintown-Glenside, 14-A 
June 5 35   B. Perez Trustee 
June 6 59   T. Welsh Haddonfield, 16-L 
June 7 351   D. Sebastian Haddonfield, 16-L 
June 8 1486   T. Henderson Haddonfield, 16-L 
June 9 141   D. Brink Haddonfield, 16-L 
June 10 1237   Fleetwood Lions Club Fleetwood, 14-P 
June 11 788   D. Haines Maple Shade, 16-L 
June 12 106  J. Davis  Chalfont, 14-A 
June 13 1296  J. Seifert  Shoemakersville, 14-P 
June 14 1035  C. Jones  Laurel, 22-D 
June 15 968  M. Nace Capitol City, 22-D 
June 16 171  T. Miller  Honey Brook, 14-P 
June 17 245  A. Seeley  Newark, 16-N 
June 18 1182 P. McLaughlin Birdsboro, 14-P
June 19 170 C. Jones New Castle Hundred, 22-D
June 20 1496 M. Affrunti Dumont, 16-N
June 21 405 Bernards Lions Club Bernards, 16-J
June 22 1164 B. Coe Avon Grove, 14-P
June 23 204 R. Moore West Milford, 16-N
June 24 398 Linden Lions Club Linden, 16-J
June 25 178 Honey Brook Lions Honey Brook, 14-P
June 26 1305 E. Fritch Topton, 14-P
June 27 1200 Central Berks Lions Club Central Berks, 14-P
June 28 166 S. Weaver Newcastle Hundred, 22-D
June 29 1009 R. Williamson Brookside, 22-D
June 30 1152 R. Nickle Dover, 22-D
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