Recipient’s life turns around

In 1976, Carmen Perez started to experience eye problems and learned she had Fuchs’ dystrophy, a slowly progressing cornea disease. Over the next few decades, Carmen’s vision began to deteriorate. Eventually, she knew it was time for a transplant.

In 2008, Dr. Christopher Rapuano performed a transplant in Carmen’s left eye. In 2013, she also had a transplant in her right eye. For the first time in many years, Carmen could see out of both eyes, and she said the difference was “immediate and incredible.”

Carmen urges others not to be afraid of the surgery. “Nerves are normal,” she says. “The surgery will turn your life around. I can now take care of my grandchildren and watch them grow up. It is truly a miracle.”


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“At Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley, we’re dedicated to making our mission a reality for local residents. “Behind every successful transplant we aid is a team of individuals who work tirelessly. Our dedicated staff, Board of Trustees, volunteers, surgeons, nurses, technicians and countless other donation professionals devote their time, talent and hearts to better the lives of others every single day.”

Donor Families

Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley coordinates over 1,000 cornea transplant surgeries each year. Learn more about how you can honor your loved one’s legacy or contact a grateful recipient.


Since 1957, Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley has provided corneal tissue to over 43,000 individuals in need of a sight-restoring or improving transplant. Learn more about the transplant process its impact.

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