Donor Profile: Don

Don’s Legacy Lives On

My fiancé Don loved helping people. It was a part of him. He was the kind of person who would always ask someone how they were doing, it didn’t matter where we were. We could be at a grocery store or paying someone at a toll booth or a gas station and there would be Don asking, “How are you doing today?” If someone was wearing a name tag, he’d always address them by their name.

Don was a father, a grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, a trusted confidant, a leader, an executive, a man who feared and loved God, my soulmate and my very best friend. Everyone who encountered Don would have something positive to say after. He lived life to its fullest.

My Don was an accountant, smart as could be and very successful in his skill. His passion however was cooking, he could’ve easily been a famous chef at a Michelin star restaurant. His chocolate chip cookies were a crowd favorite and even though he’d share the recipe with people, we would hear those who attempted making it say they just couldn’t get those cookies to taste as good as his.

My life with my fiancé Don was by far the best years of my whole life. We met by chance 5 years ago and we were one of those stories where no matter where I was or where he was in our city, we’d run into each other several times, as though our guardian angels were purposely putting us together. I loved him from day one and never stopped.

I know if Don could speak to his recipients he’d say, I wish you happiness, amazing memories, joy, love and a world that can be a bit brighter now for you.

My Don’s passing wasn’t the end of our story. He will live in my heart forever. His legacy will carry on through the lives that he touched and the recipients whom he gave the Gift of Sight.



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