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Dear Friend,
Season’s greetings and best wishes from Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley!
Imagine if you, or a member of your family, suddenly face a diagnosis that means a corneal transplant is the only answer to stop blindness.
It is when the tiniest member of our community, a baby, needs a corneal transplant that the story is especially heartfelt. Here is an update on one remarkable infant.
Peyton Barkalow reached a milestone recently when he started his first day of kindergarten—just like any other five-year-old. But Peyton’s birth was unlike most—his eyes were clouded. At one-day-old, physicians diagnosed the cloudiness as bilateral Peters’ anomaly. Peyton was legally blind. Peyton’s extraordinary journey leading to his first day of school was marked by four corneal transplants, hospital stays, hours of rehab, therapists and doctor visits.
“For me, it is bittersweet,” says Tracey, Peyton’s mother, as she proudly watched him board the bus.
Thankfully, for now, that’s all history for Peyton, who is one of Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley’s (LEBDV) youngest volunteers. His future is bright.
For almost 60 years, LEBDV has helped patients of all ages regain their sight. More than 40,000 cornea transplant surgeries have been coordinated by LEBDV.
There is no substitute for a human cornea. Without cornea donors, corneal transplants would not be possible. That is why cornea donors who say ‘yes’ to donation on their driver’s license (or share their wishes with family) are the true heroes.
Financial donors are also vital to our mission. They give us the operational ability to carry out the wishes of cornea donors or their families. If you haven’t, I urge you to become a beacon of light for sight. Your gift as a financial donor means opportunity for Peyton and others. We all deserve the best sight possible. Your donation today means someone will get a second chance at sight tomorrow. It allows us to continue our mission work. Your contribution means individuals who receive a corneal transplant will not lose years of productivity for themselves and family caregivers.
With financial donations—and no donation is too small—we can continually meet the needs of your community, family, friends and neighbors who may need a corneal transplant. Your donation will ensure the Gift of Sight through corneal transplantation remains a reality for generations to come.
Jim Quirk

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