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Good Hearts Make Healthy Eyes

Our ongoing relationship with various international corneal surgeons has enabled us to be part of many humanitarian efforts to save sight. The doctors with whom we work closely all have amazing stories to tell of their sincere dedication to helping give the gift of sight. Here are just a few of these stories. If you have one to share, please contact Max Rice at 1-800-743-6667.

raber2Medical Advisory Board Physician Dr. Irving M. Raber of Ophthalmic Partners of Pennsylvania provided international assistance and training in new methods of performing cornea transplants as part of a humanitarian effort.

To show his appreciation for the efforts of one of the Eye Bank's Recovery Technicians, David Rechtshaffen, B.S., CEBT, he wrote:

"Thank you again for not only pre-cutting the donor corneas for DSAEK surgery that I took on my recent trip...but also for all you have done providing pre-cut donor tissue over the past year for all DSAEK surgeons in the Delaware Valley...the quality...is second to none and you have continued that 'tradition' with all of the skill you have demonstrated in getting the pre-cut program up and running...your efforts are certainly most appreciated...by me and my patients...by all surgeons...."

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